Why Unifusion?

It’s no mystery that data and analytics have a dramatic effect on today’s business and competitive environment. But there’s a problem. A disproportionate amount of investment and management attention has been focused on technology and reporting without any consideration of how to relate those numbers to the human element. Do you want real insights into how your people affect your numbers? Embed Unifusion and the insights it provides into business processes at a point at which decisions are made by human beings.

Report the Metrics that Matter

Relying solely on analytics can tell you what’s foolproof and what’s floundering at any given moment. However, since those metrics aren’t associated with your team’s time, they can’t come close to revealing a reason for success or failure. Marketers are left to wade through a flood of data, spending more time justifying initiatives than improving upon them. Unifusion is built not only to supply the data but also to provide effective advice based on specific metrics that matter to your business—seamlessly aligning digital marketing initiatives with your central business objectives.

  • Flexible and intuitive customization, grouping, and organization options
  • Easy to interpret, real-time performance metrics customized for your needs
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Increase Transparency

What better way to measure the true impact of digital marketing than to directly correlate effort to analytics? Unifusion pulls back the curtain and reveals exactly how hours and dollars are affecting your traffic, conversions, and more—giving businesses the confidence to make informed decisions fueled by data.

  • Reduce time-consuming reporting hours
  • Prove the value of digital marketing
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Group pages by topic, type, or campaigns

Reporting results from specific content groups can be time consuming. Beyond running the numbers for unique pages, they then need to be consolidated to report if the team moved the needle or not. Unifusion provides the flexibility to view your website any way possible by grouping pages by topic, type, or campaigns (just to name a few).

  • See site performance by campaigns or content groups
  • Analyze which content groups or initiatives drive the most impact or which need attention
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