A Better Way To Measure Marketing

Unifusion provides a link between your marketing team’s effort and the outcome, connecting marketing hours with results.

Introducing Content Clusters

A way for your team to create groups of similar pages based on keywords, site section, author, date created, and more to analyze the certain pieces of content on your site.

What Our Users Are Saying

Ian Forrest
“Clusters gives me the ability to categorize content in any imaginable way, be it by content type, geographic relevance, file extension, or whatever you want.”

-Ian Forrest, Content Strategist at Gravitate

“What I love about clusters is the way it allows me to see how different areas of my website are performing. Not to mention, if I need to create a new one I can create it quickly and have data in mere minutes.”

-Matt Malone, Senior Analytics Analyst at Gravitate

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