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    content marketing roi software

    Introducing Campaigns

    - by Joe Vernon

    Unifusion’s mission is to help marketers, from an analyst to c-suite executives, find an easy and accurate way to measure their content marketing efforts. We believe by measuring your efforts in a way that speaks to an executive team, you are able to secure current marketing budgets or even grow them.

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    agency dashboard

    New Feature – Agency Dashboard

    - by Joe Vernon

    Today feels almost like a birthday here at Unifusion. Why? Because we’ve unveiled a new feature that will help agencies view and monitor their clients marketing performance.

  • Marketing
    measuring content marketing

    Measuring Content Marketing Efforts for Digital Agencies

    - by Joe Vernon

    Content marketing is leading the pack for digital marketing tactics – especially for B2B and SEO marketing. However, while it is emerging as a primary tactic, marketers are still stuck in the early years of measuring the performance of the content marketing efforts and results.

  • Management
    time tracking

    Growing Your Digital Agency: Time Tracking

    - by Joe Vernon

    What can your team accomplish in an eight hour day? As an agency owner, this should be at the forefront of your mind. Sure, you have other things to worry about like finding new clients and keeping the ones that you have satisfied. Not to mention the 100 other administrative task there are. So why worry about what your team can get done in an eight hour day?