3 Inexpensive Ways to Create a Marketing Video

3 Inexpensive Ways to Create a Marketing Video
April 19, 2016 Joe Vernon

Videos aren’t always easy to create, but they are an effective way of selling your product or educating an audience. And while we do know there is real value in hiring a professional videographer to produce marketing videos, sometimes the budget just isn’t there.

Don’t let this stop you from producing marketing videos, though. There are many ways to continue to produce videos on a budget.

If you are a videographer you are probably cringing while reading this post, and I understand. You’ve mastered your technique and seeing DIY videos make you laugh. But the truth of the matter is, sometimes they just have to be done. But I digress, back to inexpensive ways to make a marketing video.

Technique 1: Video Testimonials

The power of a video testimonial is amazing. Testimonial videos allow your audience sell your product by telling stories of how they have used and benefited from it.

To make these videos all you need is at least one decent camera (maybe even your smartphone) and a prop to hold the camera steady. If you can get a second or third phone to film with, this will help capture different angles to provide some dynamics to the video and make it a little more engaging. Then importing the video and cutting it up and adding an intro/outro with some music with iMovie and you have a video.

Technique 2: Animated Presentation Software

Prezi is the first software that comes to mind to create effective animated videos to market your product. Don’t have Prezi? Well, you can still make slides and slight animations in PowerPoint create videos out of these, but it may not be as flashy as Prezi.

Other options include software like Animaker or GoAnimate, which is stocked with multiple illustrations, animations, sound clips, transitions, etc allowing your team to quickly make marketing videos that are unique and entertaining.

Technique 3: Screen Recordings

Has that presentation from your last team met? Company event? Or Marketing Expo? Walk through the presentation one more time recording the screen and voice. Then upload these videos to video networks for views and upload the slides to slide sharing networks for more exposure.
Alternatively, record demonstration videos of software or how-to videos browse this site. People are using the web to collect information and learn, create these resources for them to learn from while sharing your product.