3 Steps to Convince your Clients to Invest in Content Creation

3 Steps to Convince your Clients to Invest in Content Creation
February 21, 2017 Joe Vernon

We are all looking for a bargain. Five buck lunches, happy hour, Groupon, and Air BnB have all taught us that there is a less expensive way to produce the same results. Well, content is a bargain. It can provide you with the same, if not better, results than traditional marketing but for some reason, people just don’t believe that.

In this post, I will explain my three steps on convincing clients to investing into content creation.

Step 1: Explain the Benefits and Importance

You will not be able to convince someone to invest into content production or sign up for your service if you cannot list the benefits they will reap. This is why it is important to explain the benefits content production provides first. But not just the benefits, but the importance of the content back by the facts to support it. Wrap all of this up in a quick 30-second pitch and you’re off to the races.

Some benefits you might want to start with are

Copy is still king

Written copy is still king and it is the foundation of all marketing. It can help sell any service or product, it can change a person’s opinion, and most importantly, it is still how people search for information. Sure a fast website with pretty colors can make a strong impact, but it is still the copy on the screen that convinces the user to sell.

It’s the modern-day SEO

Yes, this means the SEO from 2010 is old-school. But gone are the days of link-spamming, keyword stuffing, poorly written web pages. Now content needs to be well-written, unique, full of value, and something that your audience (Not just search engines) wants to read.

Content is the foundation for all marketing channels

Web content can be shared, emailed, and linked to. It can be used as the target URL through paid channels or it can be indexed and found on search engines. No matter what channel you are using to reach your audience, you need content.

Step 2: Address Concerns by Showing Why Content Typically Fails

Content can fail. Don’t deny that, embrace it. Use it as leverage when selling your services for content production. Content only fails when there isn’t any strategy, there is a lack of effort, and it is poorly written.

Explain to your client the foundation of each piece of content created starts with a strategy in place, that your team will provide consistency when it comes to production, and it is written by professional that know how to speaks to a target audience and a remain consistent with a brand’s voice, tone, and style.

Step 3: Back to the Benefits (Money Talk)

You’ve already explained benefits once, but it is important to end on a positive note. This is why you want to circle back around to benefits but this time focus on the cost benefits. Content is measurable, and it is measurable with marketing KPIs and ROI.

Content is a long-term investment

Investing in professional content is a cost-efficient opportunity for building a brand, increase awareness, and making a brand stand out amongst the competition. This has been proven by many large brands such as Virgin Mobile, American Express, Marriott, and L’oreal.

Costs are cheaper when compared to traditional marketing

You only have to invest into content once and with content being a long-term investment, there is a long-term payoff. After the initial investment, companies will continue reaping the benefits of content for years to come.

This makes the cost per session or leads a lot less than traditional marketing efforts, we’ve seen content campaigns where cost per session was only $1.01 and cost per conversion was $96.

ROI potential is amazing

Since content is less expensive than most means of marketing, the ROI potential is amazing. With many of the content campaigns we’ve seen in our software, the content continues to live so the ROI only continues to grow.

For example, one client invested just under $11,000 dollars into a content campaign (which included design and some website development) but that content continued to live on the site for 4+ years. It the first year the client earned 100% of their investment back and 4+ years later, a 942% ROI.


Convincing clients to invest into ROI can be difficult. But with these three steps:

  • Explain the benefits and importance
  • Address Concerns by Showing Why Content Typically Fails
  • Back to the Benefits (Money Talk)

You should be able to convince almost any business into investing into content production.