3 Ways to Improve The Content for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

3 Ways to Improve The Content for Your Digital Marketing Strategy
August 16, 2016 Joe Vernon

Modern day marketers know that if you want to build a larger audience, you need more content. Content is king, has been and always will be. People are always looking for more information that solves their problems or meets their needs (or simply looking for a way to keep themselves entertained for a short period of time). To keep reaching an audience, you need to be creating content. But before you just create content for content’s sake, find out what content it is that your audience is looking for. In this post, I will explain the value of:

  • Naming your content correctly
  • Mixing up your content
  • Knowing who your personas are
  • What is in a Name?

I once had a friend ask me, “isn’t creating a logo easy”. Well, yes. It is easy to create a logo but is it easy to create the logo. No, for the most part, it isn’t. This is the same with the title or name of a piece of content.

The name of your content has an impact on the user and if they want to read it or on search engines and if they want to rank it.

Look at the content on your current site and see which content is generating the most entrances, pageviews, and conversions. Document the names and see analysis them.

Are they short and accurate? Do they include a number like, “5 things you’ll learn when…”. Do they include active, passive, or action words? Find the commonalities in the names of your content and use that to influence your future names. If you can’t find any commonalities, trying looking at competitors or using 3rd party tools like Google Keyword Planner or better yet, Keywordtool.io.

One Ring May Rule Them All, But One Piece of Content Doesn’t Speak to Them All.

If there was one industry that has mastered content marketing, it is probably cinema. Take “The Lord of the Rings” for example. This story has been made into books, comics, cartoons, movies, video games, toys, slot machines etc. Why did they create such a variety of content (besides making more money)? To speak to different audiences.

Your overall aim is to speak to each audience at their pain points and challenges as they make their way through the buying journey. A whitepaper or tech-spec that goes into detail on how your game was made may not speak to someone in their 20’s who is looking to buy the game. It may speak to a future investor, though.

Identifying the content your audience needs by looking at demographic behavior in your analytics dashboard, social analytics, or completing customer surveys. Find out which content plays a key role during each phase of the buying cycle as well, so you are able to guide them to your ultimate goal, purchasing from you.

Audio? Visual? Or Words?

Variety is good. Actually, variety is great. Having a variety of content can help generate more traffic. Not to mention, we are humans and humans get bored of the same old same old (except for Law & Order: SVU as it is the longest currently running scripted non-animated U.S. prime-time television show at 17 seasons).

But this is the same with the content on your site. Just having words on a screen is boring and more importantly, not as effective as including other ways for users to interact with your content.

Review your website and see what content you have been creating and what content you have been missing. If you are unsure what content you should be producing, then you might have missed my “Lord of the Rings” point about doing persona research, but you could also do some competitive research and see what your competitors are producing.

In Summary

Creating content is important, but it is more important that you are creating the content that your audience wants to engage with. By using analytics to see your most engaging content, understanding your audience, and creating a variety of content you should start to see trends for new and more audience engagement.