4 Main Benefits of Digital Marketing Reporting

4 Main Benefits of Digital Marketing Reporting
September 9, 2016 Joe Vernon

Agencies big and small often have the same struggle when it comes to maintaining a long-term relationship with their clients. Why is that? If the campaign was completed on time, on budget, and was a success? Why did the client decide to abandon ship and hire another agency?

While there could be many reasons from no longer needed the services you offer to you screwed something up and they never felt you dealt with it satisfactorily. However, the largest reasons from my experience stems from clear and open communication and remaining valued in the eyes of your client. In this post I will share with you the four main reasons why I feel digital marketing reporting is beneficial for agencies and clients both.

Use reporting to show results – good and bad – and elevate Value

As mentioned above, clear and open communication, this includes your agency reporting the good results along with the bad results. Don’t stop there, explain to the why it happened. If a macro-conversion increased, show them the work that your team did and the product that increased that conversion point along with the micro-conversions that led to the increase in sales. Do the same thing when it decreases.

Once the client sees this, they should understand the amount of work that is required to see results and feel comfortable letting you continue the work or start another campaign. They also are able to relay this information up to their boss. This is probably the most important as it isn’t just your agency’s job to show results, but make your client shine among their peers.

Use reporting to show progress and build trust

Progress reports have been part of our life since grade school. A simple report card that was valuable to our parents because it showed progress, but it wasn’t the end all. If a progress report had a poor grade, you had the opportunity to improve on it. This is a concept that needs to be communicated in digital marketing reporting as well.

Schedule a progress report or two, depending on the length of the campaign that highlights completed work, micro-conversions, and expected results of macro-conversions at the end of the campaign.

When the client sees this, they should feel at ease understand that your agency is making progress and is on track to meet your goals.

Use reporting to remain accountable

“Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result” – Bob Proctor

When it comes to agency and client relationships, but teams have to be held accountable, not just the agency. Digital marketing reports help agencies and client remain focused on a set of predetermined goals and scope of tactics used to reach that goal.

For the client, these reports remind them that these are the important goals that were agreed upon at the beginning, and all the work up to the point of this report, was to reach that goal. If the goal changes, the work changes and you start over.

Use reporting to share insights or potential problems

This was touched on earlier, but use reporting to share uncovered insights, not just the data. Data tables are just the beginning and anyone can see it.  The insights that are pulled from the data are what the client will enjoy and your agency can shine. Spend as much time as needed to pull valuable insights that will get the client excited.

If you see potential problems, bring them up with the data AND a solution. The data will make tougher for the client to reject the idea that there is a problem and the solution will make your agency shine, and possibly lead to an increase in budget.

Finding the The Right Reporting Software

Digital marketing reports are important both during and after a campaign as they elevate value, show progress, hold both parties accountable, and allow for time to uncover insights. Finding the right software for reporting is important as it can help save time creating the report and finding the insights.

Unifusion is a digital marketing dashboard that provides agency and client user roles to see digital marketing reports at any time. Unifusion allows agencies and marketers to connect their work to the results, not only showing what happened, but how it happened. Learn more about Unifusion on our features page.