5 ways a copywriter can elevate your brand and impact your bottom line

5 ways a copywriter can elevate your brand and impact your bottom line
October 18, 2017 Jordan Driver
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In today’s digital age people start their buying journey online and more often than not, they are likely ready to purchase when they first contact and talk to your sales team. Why is this? People have grown accustomed to researching and comparing online.

This is a testament to the importance of having a highly effective and engaging website. It is more often than not, the first contact people will have with your brand. It needs to capture, engage, and convert. It can’t be boilerplate mumbo-jumbo. Every page needs to be uniquely written by experts so your business, big or small, can capture every lead or make as many sales as possible.

Here are 5 ways a copywriter can elevate your brand and impact your bottom line.

1. Help you stand out in the crowd

The world changes daily, but your brand doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t). Your website should reflect your brand and express your personality to engage your audience. Your content should promote your strengths, specialties, values, and value proposition.

But your website shouldn’t be all about your brand, it should be about your audience and their needs. Speak to your market’s specific conditions to show your industry expertise and understanding of your client’s perspective. Speak to their needs and concerns and highlight how you can help.

2. Content sparks emotions, and people make purchases based on emotions

When content is written by a professional, it will convey authenticity, passion, and concern for customers needs and satisfaction. These will increase the perception of your brand and reduce their concern if your business or product is a scam or one they can trust.

3. SEO = Content = SEO

Content is (or should be) at the base of each marketing campaign. This is why your content should be created by professionals, to build your marketing campaign on solid rock. Additionally, to compete in today’s online arena, your website needs to be SEO-friendly. Yes, that still does mean crawlable, indexable, and optimized for keywords. But it also means your website needs to pack full of unique and valuable content. Hiring professional copywriters to create content can save your team hours of work researching, drafting, editing, and writing leaving more time for you to do the important stuff, running your business.

4. It provides you another look

Hiring a professional copywriter doesn’t mean you’re just hiring someone to write. You’re actually hiring someone to understand your business and provide a better way of communicating who your business is with your audience. Often times business leaders are too close to your business to write about what you actually do. They man write highly technical descriptions that make sense to their internal team but not to their audience. When your audience doesn’t understand your business, they are less likely to contact or purchase which directly impacts the volume of leads you’re able to capture.

5. It is relatively cheaper than having your team write it internally

If this post hasn’t made it clear that writing isn’t something that can be done by everyone, I’ll just flat out say it. Writing isn’t everyone’s specialty. It is a craft that needs to be practiced and polished. It requires research, drafting, editing, writing, reviewing, writing some more, and publishing. Agencies are designed and staffed to streamline this process saving your business time and money reducing the cost per piece of content.