Application Updates and Improvements

Application Updates and Improvements
December 19, 2016 Joe Vernon

Continuing our mission to help marketers, we have updated our application with a series of new improvements based off of user feedback and suggestions.

These improvements should help your team measure, analyze, and report your content and marketing efforts.

The Improvements

Beyond speeding up the application and many back-end changes, the changes we made are as follows.

Global date range effects all date ranges on screen

Previously, our most popular widget was the Traffic Channels widget. Users would go here to compare traffic channels of a previous and their impacts on certain metrics.

After hearing why this was a favorite, we decided to expand this widget to include more features include the ability to change the dimension, add metrics, and plot different metrics on the graph.

This widget is our primary widget in the analytics section of each feature.

Data loads on previous 30 days and not on month-to-date

Unifusion started as a digital marketing monthly reporting system and focused on the metrics for the current month and providing the ability to view historic data if desired. While we still believe in showing monthly data, it is still important to see previous 30 days at all times (especially on the first of each month).

While we still believe in showing monthly data, it is still important to see previous 30 days at all times (especially on the first of each month).

With this update, screens will load with data for previous 30 days but you will have the ability to adjust the date range to any range desired with the global date range selector.

Site and Clusters overview

Once only found in Campaigns, the overview screen has been added to Site and Clusters for quick reporting and analysis. If the data in the overview sparks a question, jump into the Analytics section of the feature to answer it. Which leads to the next improvement…

Navigation within features for site and clusters matches that of campaigns

Continuing on the thought of consistency across features, we’ve updated the secondary navigation within a feature to be consistent with each other.

Moved Pages & Search Rankings within Site

We’ve simplified the left navigation as well moving Pages and Search Rankings within the analytics section of Site. While it may be a few clicks deeper, we believed this to be in alignment with how users look at their website and the data for their website.

Ability to change dimensions

With our new widget (mentioned above), you now have the ability to change the dimension your team wishes to analyze along with the ability to add metrics to the data table for comparison. We believe this will help with analysis and understanding of user behavior on your site and in your campaigns.

Moved setup guide to project settings

The setup guide was added in our previous update with great reception. But we quickly realized that after a user sets up the project, they don’t go back to the project setup much. Because of this, we’ve removed the icon from the header of the application and to the Project Settings section if it is ever needed again.

Thanks for reading this and using Unifusion! If you have any questions, send us a message, a tweet, a letter, or give us a call.