Driving traffic to your website through Niche Communities

Driving traffic to your website through Niche Communities
March 1, 2016 Joe Vernon

In our previous post, Increase Blog Traffic Through Email Marketing, we shared five ways that you can use email to drive traffic to your blog. This week we will discuss using communities and aggregated websites to drive traffic to your website.

What do We Mean by Communities?

To put it simply, we are talking about a group of people who share a common interest online. These are places people can go to find information from a variety of sources on a related topic.

The benefit of this, these sites allow you to share you content with others and for them to read, comment, and engage with you providing you with feedback, good or bad, on your product or service. Here are a few examples of communities and their niches:

As mentioned before, the commenting and engaging aspect of these communities is valuable for your team. You can use these feedback on the quality of your product or service and different ways to improve them or market them.

Participating In Forums & Chat Groups

Take the participation in aggregated websites one step further and answer questions that are posted in them or on forums. One of the best ways to build advocates for your brand is by providing solutions to users that make their lives easier.

When answering questions, don’t just post the answer on the forum or the aggregated website, write a blog post about it that answers their question and point the users there.

The most common forum to answer questions is Quora.com but there are quite a few out there specific to your product or service. To find it, simply use a Google Advance Search:

“intitle:forum” + [your product or service]


“allintitle:forum” + [your product or service]

Not able to find a forum? Participate in chat groups on Google+, Slack, or LinkedIn best collaboration tools. These are great ways to find people who are interested in the same topic as you and building relationships with these users can lead to link building and social sharing opportunities.

Submit to Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are a great way to generate traffic quickly to a blog or website but it may not always be the target audience or right for that specific piece of content. For example, a blog post, like this one, may not generate a lot of traffic from social bookmarking sites because the content is a little long-winded. Content like videos, infographics, memes, etc may generate more because it is quickly digested and engaging.

Why is this? This is because most user who use social bookmarking sites are often bored and just “browsing” sites by the click of a button, through pre-selected categories that they are interested in. A few examples of social bookmarking sites are:

Be sure when submitting your website to these sites that you fill out all fields for each URL submitted so the content is found by the right audience looking for related content.

In Summary

When planning your next campaign to drive traffic to your website, test a few of these tactics out but be sure to measure the results to evaluate a true ROI. Participating in forums, online communities, or chat groups will allow users who are interested in the same topic find your content and engage with your brand.