Growing Your Digital Agency: Case Studies

Growing Your Digital Agency: Case Studies
August 23, 2016 Joe Vernon

The main struggle many digital agencies have is earning the trust from their potential clients before having a conversation. So how can your digital agency inspire trust from a user that is visiting their website? This user could be 3,000 miles away and chances are that your agency doesn’t have a large group of advocates there that can help spread the word and create that trust.

In this article, I will discuss another tactic that your digital agency can use to reach a new audience and convert them into clients. This article is the second part of our Growing Your Digital Agency series.

Purchasing Behavior

Let’s say that your online shopping for a gift for your partner. You’ve arrived at some Etsy shop that is selling a handcrafted gift that is unique and is a pretty good chance your partner will like it. But you’ve never purchased from Etsy, let alone this user ‘HandMandWithLove115”, how do you know if this gift will be worth your money a won’t break the moment it is opened?

This moment is called the zero moments of truth, or the research stage. That moment between finding the product that you want and clicking on “order product”. So when you are at this moment, what do you do? Chances are you scroll down the page to find testimonials, more details about the product, product reviews – anything that will create enough trust in the item to make the purchase.

This isn’t only the case for B2C, it is also true for B2B.

Users on your digital agency’s website want to see content that will inspire trust because they don’t want to be responsible for picking an agency doesn’t work out. Content that inspires trust can be testimonials but are better as case studies. Case studies are one of the today’s most important tools on your belt for many reasons. That is if they are done well. Below are six ways case studies case studies can benefit your website and marketing efforts.

Benefit 1: The opportunity to tell a story

Rudyard Kipling once wrote, “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” This applies to case studies. Traditionally a case study was meant to just see the finished product. Sure, with a design the finished product can leave a lasting impression, but your agency doesn’t just do design. You do marketing, SEO, conversion optimization, etc.

Find the story to tell with each of you case studies. Introduce the client, their goal, the conflicts, the resolutions, and ultimately, the finished product. This allows your audience to put themselves in the shoes of your case studies client and imagine what it may feel like to work with you and trust you.

Benefit 2: Social or peer-to-peer proof

A user reading your service pages knows that these pages were created by a marketer trying to market your company. But a case study has the voice of your client in it, and if it is done well, perhaps a video or testimonial from your client. This provides a third party endorsement from a variety of industries.

Benefit 3: Reuseable for your sales team

Case studies can also benefit your sales team. Creating a series of case studies for multiple industries will only strengthen your sales team with the information they need to talk to clients about the work that your agency does and inspire more trust. You can use the same information on your website but create it in a PDF form that highlights the key takeaways first, then goes into the story so your audience can pass it around the office.

Benefit 4: Original, Keyword Targeted Content for SEO

No one else did the work you did for that client, so the content that you write will be completely original which only benefits you in terms of search traffic and search rankings. Additionally, you have a new opportunity to create keyword targeted landing pages based off of the service you provided such as conversion optimization, web design, etc.

Benefit 5: Traffic and Conversion Increase

Having case studies in the form of stories can increase the amount of traffic from organic sources (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) because of the keyword targeted and original content. Additionally, case studies serve as great social promotion materials increase referral traffic from social sources. With more traffic comes more conversion opportunities and your team will be able to analyze and report the performance of the case studies on your site easily with content clusters.

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