Growing Your Digital Agency: Vertical Marketing

Growing Your Digital Agency: Vertical Marketing
August 2, 2016 Joe Vernon

Running an agency is tough. From maintaining current employee moral and hiring the right people to market and selling your agency, you’re busy and spread too thin. When is the time for growing your agency?

For the first part of our series, Growing Your Digital Agency, we will focus on how one agency broke into new markets using their website.

100% of your Content

The website, the hub of your marketing efforts. It is home to 100% of the content your team produces to attract users via multiple channels and grow your agency. But how much of your website is targeted to a specific group of people? Have you segmented sections of your website to target an audience?

Adding a new targeted 5%

Gravitate, a digital marketing agency based out of Vancouver, WA, used vertical marketing to enter new industries starting with the medical field. They did this by turning their website into a “laser-targeted marketing machine” that speaks directly to individuals in the medical field and established them as an authority in this niche.

They created semantically related content that linked to the main landing page, which had a link from their homepage, and published this on their website. This allowed the new pages to benefit from the authority of the current website domain.

After months of waiting for organic traffic to produce, they started seeing more and more conversions which came at fractions of the cost than paid traffic would have cost.

Fraction of the Cost

Using Unifusion Work reports showing the amount of marketing efforts their team put into the vertical allowing them to understand and calculate the cost of the campaign.

Comparing the work to the results, they were able to see that the ROI was worth the initial efforts as traffic continued to grow long after they invested efforts into the vertical. Especially since paid ads were not used.

vertical marketing - work report

Gravitate was also able to create a content cluster for each of their verticals to report the results. Relying on organic traffic, they were not only able to benefit from immediate traffic from direct traffic or from social media, but also long-term growth requiring little on-going costs.

medical vertical cluster

Gravitate has continued to use this tactic for additional verticals allowing them to focus their efforts on what clients they work best with. They have also continued to use Unifusion to measure the results of their marketing efforts.

Has your agency tried vertical marketing before? Go ahead and message us on social media to share your story. If we like it, we may feature your company on our blog.