How to Make Your Website Better: SEO Copywriting

How to Make Your Website Better: SEO Copywriting
September 3, 2017 Jordan Driver
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We’ve all heard sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt; well that isn’t true. Words are powerful. They can brighten your day and make you smile, or they can do the exact opposite. You can’t ignore the power of words in life, and in business. Words in business can either boost business performance or break it. This is true in both offline, and more so online.

Using the right words on your website that are SEO friendly (aka: highly searched) you can increase the chances of people finding your business online. Search engines like Google look crawl website copy in search of high-quality content that they serve up to their users. People share high-quality, useful information on social channels with their friends. Heck, someone might even email a link to your website to a friend or family.

So, you want to know how to make your website better? Well, SEO copywriting is a great way. Here is why.

1. Improve search rankings

Since Google’s Hummingbird update, high-quality and unique content has been all the rage. This is because it shifting how websites were graded and ranked on Google. This shift caused SEO professional to adapt their strategy and start writing unique content that answers questions, provides value, and sells services.

Additionally, by regularly creating new and unique content, you’re increasing the number of keywords your website is targeting and creating a wider net to reach a larger audience.

2. Speak to your audience

Not only does copy help reach an audience, the copy can speak directly to your audience. Think about how your audience buys your product or service? Does it require a lot of research? Or is it a quick and simple purchase? It is likely that your product or service requires some type of research, comparison, or even some help being found. This is where copywriting comes in. By working with SEO copy, your website can have pages that target your audience during each stage of the buying cycle and lead them down the conversion path increasing sales for your business.

3. Prepares your website for the future

Search is evolving and people aren’t always going to and typing their searches in a text box. They are saying “hey Siri” or “Okay, Google” and voicing their questions. With voice search becoming more and more popular, your website needs to include content that matches how people are speaking. This requires a casual voice that answers the most popular questions; who, what, when, where, why, and how?

4. SEO Copywriting will avoid future penalties

Historically, when Google valued the total number of links your website had over the quality of links, SEO professionals use to try and get links from anywhere they could get. Then Google evolved and started penalizing websites who practice black hat SEO tactics. With SEO content, you’re less likely to get penalized because your SEO copywriting should be creating unique and valuable content that will always a question many years after the copy was published.


SEO Copywriting is a great way to make your website a better website. It helps your website reach and audience, educates them, and convert them. Additionally, it is a great SEO tactic for the future of search, voice search.

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