How to Refurbish Top Content with Unifusion

How to Refurbish Top Content with Unifusion
February 3, 2017 Joe Vernon

Moz released another great Whiteboard Friday, this time from their SEO and Content Architect, Britney Muller.

Britney’s topic was on how to refurbish top content on your website to generate more traffic and conversions. This is a great concept and tactic that most people I’ve come in contact with don’t grasp fully. But ask yourself, why wouldn’t you want to take content that your audience is enjoying and, as Britney puts it, amplify its performance?

Now that you want to do this, here are the steps which Britney describes and how you can follow this steps in Unifusion, to identify top pages in a matter of minutes.

Identifying your site’s top content

The overview screen in Unifusion is your website’s dashboard. This shows you top KPIs, content production, and channel information giving you a strong understanding of how your website is performing in a single glance.

website overview

While each widget provides it’s own uniqueness and function, for this example we will be looking at the “Pages with Traffic” widget.

pages with traffic

What this widget does it tell you the number of pages on your website that users have interacted with this month and the previous 12 months.

This allows you to do this same thing for content that isn’t active anymore, to help bring old content back to life.

Clicking on the title of this widget, or a single bar will take you to those pages for the next step of the analysis.

top pages with traffic

Identifying top pages, part 2

The next step of identifying top pages is analyzing which pages would be best for refurbishing.

With Unifusion, after clicking on a bar in the “Pages with Traffic” widget, you’ll what page categories (blogs, service pages, product pages, etc) are generating the most interactions and be able to dive in deeper to the individual pages for the next part of analysis.

pages with most traffic and conversions

Unifusion also provides you with custom conversion metrics you won’t find with other analytic platforms. These metrics allow you to identify if the page that is generating the most sessions or pageviews actually:

  • Brought the user to your site and converted them
  • Help the user through their conversion path on the website
  • Or what the page that actually convinced them to convert.

This will also help you identify which pages are generating a lot of attention, but not converting.

Making and measuring refurbishing content

Now with this information your team can ask themselves, can this content be refurbished and turned into a:

  • Slide
  • Video
  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • etc

Once the refurbished versions of content are created your can publish them on other channels.

To measure your content, Unifusion allows you to quickly create a cluster of content, which allows you to view this content’s historic data separate from the rest of your website data for quick analysis now, and also view future data as more users interact with your content.

Creating refurbished content's cluster

Once that cluster is created, which should only take a matter of minutes, you will be able to interact with that data the same what you would as the rest of your website’s data within Unifusion.

refurbish content cluster

The benefits of using Unifusion

  1. It’s fast – under 1 minute to find this information
  2. It’s reliable – you no longer have to dig for the information you want to see
  3. It’s customizable – you can create as many content clusters as you want to perform this analysis on different sections of your website
  4. It’s actionable – this information tells you where users are and what your team should be working on
  5. It’s reportable – Using Clusters you are able to report the direct impact your efforts had on the website performance, without it getting weighed down by underperforming sections of the website.

Take a look at our features to learn more about Unifusion and sign up for our free 30-day trial.