4 Tips for Increasing Team Transparency

4 Tips for Increasing Team Transparency
August 2, 2015 Joe Vernon

When transparency exists among a team, it inspires their team, makes them feel valued, and tends to increase their performance. This can happen with client & agency relationships, or with an internal marketing team.

Transparency creates an environment where the team can communicate effectively and comfortably because the team has nothing to hide. This allows the team to focus on the future and progress. Which is the goal of every team, to be better today than they were yesterday.

How Does A Team Foster Transparency?

  1. Plan For It
  2. Provide Clear Expectations
  3. Provide Consistent Communications
  4. Be Honest

Planning for Transparency

Being transparent isn’t the act of sharing everything. While we live in a digital age where everyone can know everything about each other, transparency needs to have a purpose. It needs to be strategic allowing the team to see the failures too. Not just the successes. And the information shared needs to be targeted towards those who care.

Provide Clear Expectations

Providing clear expectations is key. It is important to make sure that everyone from C-Level executives to those in the frontline are on the same page and know what is expected from them. Each should know and understand the values, ethics, goals, etc for the business. Having these expectations set, there is little room for a misunderstanding because even if a task detail is missing, that team member should be enabled to make an actionable decision that will benefit the company.

Provide Consistent Communications

Communication could be the foundation for transparency however, just sharing information would most likely backfire on your team. You need to set expectations on how your team will communication, where information will be found, and how frequent information will be shared.

Of course, most teams will have some form of instant messenger in place for the day-to-day communications, but having a place for the team to go to find current or historic updates is essential. Having these lines of communications open will make the team feel valued and build trust.

Be Honest

Most importantly of all, be honest. You don’t want your team to think one way of something only to be wrong. This will create a feeling of betrayal and discourage trust. Once trust is lost, it is tough to earn back. Regardless of the news, be honest when talking with your team. Share the bad news, the setbacks, the struggles, and the successes.

In Summary

When transparency exists among a team, it inspires their team, makes them feel valued, and tends to increase their performance. To achieve this, be sure that your team is planning for transparency, providing clear expectations, providing consistent communications, and is honest with each other. Please share tactics your team has used to increase transparency with us on social media.