Measuring Content Marketing Efforts for Digital Agencies

Measuring Content Marketing Efforts for Digital Agencies
October 12, 2016 Joe Vernon

Content marketing has been leading the pack for digital marketing tacticsespecially for B2B and SEO marketing. However, while it is emerging as a primary tactic, marketers are still stuck in the dark ages of measuring the performance of the content marketing efforts and results.

Let me explain.

With content marketing we all have been measuring the same metrics such as:

  • Unique Visits/Users
  • Geography
  • Mobile Readership
  • Bounce Rates/time spent
  • Heat maps and click patterns
  • Page views
  • Comments
  • Social Sharing

These metrics are valuable, for any analyst or strategist providing information on how their tactics are performing and where they should allocate more efforts.

The problem is, digital marketers have been using these metrics to report to c-suite executives and expect it to answer their big question. Are the current tactics generating some sort of business or revenue?

Digital marketers need a better way to report content marketing ROI.

Google Analytics is Missing Something

Google Analytics only paints part of the picture leaving it up for correlation measurement. Correlation doesn’t close the loop, though. It’s missing part of the story, the work your team is doing or the investment and to showing ROI.

Correlation requires more manual tracking of everything (PR coverage, website updates, or other campaigns) and it looks at patterns that indicate content is working instead of showing it. For example, when revenue went up, content consumption went up.

Sure, we’ve read this for years on but without your clients using tools that provide lead tracking and management, it isn’t easy to connect your marketing efforts with the results. 

How to Report Your Content Marketing Efforts

To understand the business impact of your agency’s content marketing efforts, you need to start calculating the investment your client has made with your team and calculate the return based off web leads and sales close rates, then present this to the client. Or you simply need the right

Or you simply need the right agency dashboard.

Our agency dashboard is a simple solution that marketers use to connect their hours with marketing results and reports to provide an ROI of the efforts for c-suite executives and content measurement. All in an easy-to-use cloud-based software solution simplifying reporting and analysis. 


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