New Feature – Agency Dashboard

New Feature – Agency Dashboard
October 18, 2016 Joe Vernon

View marketing performance of each client, in a single screen.

Today feels almost like a birthday here at Unifusion. Why? Because we’ve unveiled a new feature that will help agencies view and monitor their clients marketing performance.

This feature is part of every package, including the free trial. It is our Agency Dashboard.

agency dashboard

What’s special about this agency dashboard

Our agency dashboard shows each client marketing KPI performance in a visually engaging manner, so you are not only able to see what the current performance is, but it’s trend over time.

You no longer have to dive into each project to identify top or low performance, simply view this single screen and be happy.

What if I want to dive in deeper?

Simply hover over the project you want to learn more about and click. This agency dashboard serves as a jumping point to dive in deeper to the project and our platform as a whole. Learn more about our platform here.

agency dashboard

What else does your platform provide?

Our platform provides marketers with a way to measure content and the tools needed to measure digital marketing efforts. This includes answering questions like:

  • What channels are driving the most traffic?
  • How is my content performing on Googe? Bing? Yahoo?
  • How is Facebook effecting my bottom line?
  • How much revenue is my content generating?
  • How effective is the work we are performing?
  • and more.

Each account comes with a free 30-day trial with no credit card required so sign up and give it a try.

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