The End of Paid Search and The Future of Social Ads

The End of Paid Search and The Future of Social Ads
March 9, 2016 Joe Vernon
future of paid ads - social ads

If you’ve been using Google Adwords for a while you are probably seeing that it is no longer as effective as it was. Fewer and fewer users are clicking on the ads, and the keywords that users are typing into Google vary so drastically making it difficult to target your target audience. This is leaving marketers wonder, how can I still reach my audience?

Social Ads Are the Future

While Google is still widely used for answer question, social channels are where your audience is learning about about news and trends. According to a report from Informate Mobile Intelligence, Americans check their social media at least 17 times a day and the majority of the users surveyed are above 25 years old.

The biggest attraction for paid advertising on social media is that you can micro-target your audience. Instead of paying for users who are searching for your keyword, you can target lets say a female between the ages of 45-55 who live in the U.S. and make >300K and are interesting in Marketing, Business, and Cars. Or you can target people by a company and job title. And if this isn’t enough, you can exclude people who let’s say, are interested in “free stuff” because you aren’t giving away your product.  

The Benefits of Social Ads

As if micro targeting isn’t a large enough benefit of social ads, there are others. Social advertising helps brand increase their awareness. Traditionally this was done by TV commercials and billboards. While those can still prove effective, they aren’t the only way to gain awareness. Social helps can help your brand gain awareness and they are often less expensive. Another great benefit of social ads is that being on these channels can help your brand create more content and build brand loyalty.

Social ads also create a brand visibility on a growing number of your younger audience who doesn’t pay for a traditional television experience but are watching their shows on streaming platforms such as Netflix or Hulu.

If creating brand awareness, saving money, and creating a loyal audience isn’t enough. Social ads increase conversion opportunities and often have a higher conversion rate. According to studies by Hubspot, social media has a 100% higher closing rate than outbound marketing.  

For the cherry on the top, social ads provide better insights to your audience and their interest or how they feel about your product.

In Conclusion

If you are seeing success on Google PPC or Bing Ads, don’t go and shut off your campaigns right away, but test out social ads and compare the results. Be sure to measure your campaigns and compare the traffic and conversions that each channel is generating and whichever has the better ROI, you might consider sticking with.