The SAFETY State of Mind

The SAFETY State of Mind
July 19, 2016 Joe Vernon

Marketers are always looking for the next successful campaign. One that is memorable, includes their audience, uses humor, and most importantly, is risky enough to leave an impact.

However, taking a risk often scares away your stakeholders. Do you remember K-Mart’s #shipmypants campaign? What about Old Spice’s “The Man You Can Smell Like”?

These campaigns were risky campaigns that broke the mold and generated millions of views from their audience. How can you take a risk and not scare off your stakeholders. By encouraging the SAFETY state of mind with your team.

This is the state of mind that we have started using at Unifusion and what we love about it the most, is that it lives in data and communication. It is something we can all stand behind to lead us in a firm direction, but also allows us to pivot at any moment if we need to.

What is the SAFETY State of Mind?

Set Your Goals

Goals are important. We’ve heard this our whole lives. Setting your goal gives clarity on the end vision for your team and sets expectations for your stakeholders. Goals provide laser focus that drives you and your team forward. Goals hold you and your team accountable.  

Goals also require milestones to keep you on track. Be sure to document where your team is currently in terms of your most important metrics, and set checkpoints along the way to your end goal. Check in on the progress weekly, monthly, and report on the progress quarterly so you are always aware.

Always Be Aware

As mentioned, check in on the progress weekly, monthly, and report on the progress quarterly so you are always aware. This allows you to make decisions based off of the latest information and the current situation instead of just your baseline.

The data might be what you expected allowing you to stay your course, or the data might be unexpected requiring your team to pivot. Regardless of what the data says, always being informed allows you to take the actions required to meet your team’s goal.

Forget Other’s Success Stories

At Unifusion, we enjoy hearing about another business’s success. Even more, we enjoy hearing about the steps they took to become successful. This allows us to see what they did and if there are any steps that we can take to become more successful ourselves.

However, we are always aware that we are our own team and succeed on our own terms. When we hear about another team’s success, we ask ourselves what is it us, why did it happen, when did it happen, then most importantly, how we will action this or if we should at all. Much like your team, we have a goal that we are trying to reach and that goal is most likely different than yours. So the exact steps your team takes won’t be the exact steps that our team takes.

Embrace Communication

Paul J. Meyer said “Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success” and we believe this applies to businesses too. Whether your team is in the middle of a project or at the beginning, don’t be afraid to share knowledge and ask questions. This will only benefit your team in the long run.

Additionally, share data with the team, don’t be afraid to let them see the success and failures of your team’s efforts. This only empowers the team with knowledge and motivates them to work harder. The knowledge will allow them to make decisions based off of data instead of always having to second guess their decision or run it by management. Another added benefit of sharing data is that your team might see something that you overlooked.

Take Another Look

Don’t judge a book by its cover, this is something we have all heard before and the same rule applies for data. At first glance, the data may look good or it may look bad. Don’t let your first glance reaction determine the direction of your team.

Take a second, third, and fourth look at the data from different perspectives. Compare it with other metrics and trend from multiple sources if possible. If there is an influx of users from Twitter, don’t just say “let’s continue doing what we are doing”.  Look at your Twitter analytics as well and see if it was from your team’s efforts or from a 3rd party that mentioned you. If possible, use a dashboard that has all of this information on one screen so your team can quickly make this decision.

Yearn for Success

Having the data and knowledge is great, but yearning for success is required to be successful. Data without action is useless. Knowledge without action is useless. Having the drive and yearning for success is what success stories are made of. Being willing to do anything to achieve your goal and focusing on the outcome and not the hurdles along the way.

If you and your team aren’t yearning for success, it may be time to rethink what success is or possible your team.

In Conclusion

We believe that the SAFETY state of mind is a required mindset for your team and it’s culture.

  • Set Your Goals
  • Always Be Aware
  • Forget Other’s Success Stories
  • Embrace Communication
  • Take Another Look
  • Yearn for Success

At Unifusion, we love that this state of mind lives in data and communication. It is something that we can all stand behind to lead us in a firm direction, but also allows us to pivot at any moment when needed.