Unifusion At SearchFest 2016

Unifusion At SearchFest 2016
March 11, 2016 Joe Vernon


On March 10, 2016 Unifusion was at the last SearchFest ever! And we enjoyed every moment of it. The morning started off with a great breakfast and opportunity to meet a lot of great people.

Though our software has been used by our team for some time to measure our results, this was our first experience introducing the software to the general public and the feedback was great. People were very excited about the software commenting on how they can see it increasing the efficiency of their team, holding each other accountable, and ultimately help them report their impact on the brands marketing efforts.peter at search fest

Many users signed up for our beta program and we are excited to get their feedback. If you are interested in using our software, sign up for beta.

There were many great speakers at this years SearchFest too. A few of our favorites were:

Looking for next years SearchFest, no it is now called Engage, Event next year!