Using Facebook Insights For Your Business

Using Facebook Insights For Your Business
June 1, 2016 Joe Vernon

Facebook has two sections of insights for your business. Page Insights and Audience Insights. Both are an important and useful tool to learn, but for different reasons.

Facebook Page Insights provide you with a large amount of demographic and behavioral data about your audience and how they interact with your business page.

Facebook Audience Insights is more of a tool allowing you to target audiences based off of three categories:

  • All of Facebook
  • People who are connected to your page
  • Custom Audience which is comprised of your current customers

In this post, we will give you a quick overview of Facebook Page Insights and Facebook Audience Insights so that your business will be able to use this tools for future marketing initiatives.

Facebook Page Insights 101

Each business page has access to audience Page Insights by clicking on the “Insights” link in the secondary navigation or from the dropdown (three dots) on your Facebook page and selecting “view insights”.facebook




Once you are viewing your insights, you will see that the insights are divided into different sections:

  • Overview
  • Likes
  • Reach
  • Page Views
  • Actions on Page
  • Posts
  • Events
  • Videos
  • People

Overview – What has been happening on my Facebook page?

Overview uses tiles to provide you with a quick glance at what has occurred on your page over the past 7 days by default. This can be changed to today, yesterday, or last 28 days. This is the great place to look to answer the question, “What has been happening on my Facebook page lately?”.

The overview shows your five most recent posts along with a type of post, targeting, reach, engagements, and the option to promote a post if you chose to use paid advertising.

Overview also provides you with the option to watch pages see how your competitors measure up to you and their page activity for the week.

Likes – How many likes does my Facebook page get a month?

Likes show your current number of page likes, and historic data allowing you to view growth over the past 12 months so you are able to estimate growth for the next 12 month. It also allows you to view which days in the past month people liked your page or disliked your page and if they are from organic or paid advertising.

If your Facebook page allows users to like it on other pages or sections within Facebook you are able to view this data here as well.

Reach – How many people see my brand on Facebook?

Reach shows information about each of your post including:

  • Number of people it was served to
  • Actions of the people it was served to
  • Reactions to your page (Like, love, wow, haha, sad, etc) and people who hide, report as spam, or unlike your page
  • Total Reach of your page for any activity

Pageviews – How often do users visit my Facebook page?

Pageviews shows the total number of times your audience views your page with the ability to filtering by section, age, and gender, country, city, or device. This section also shows you what sources have referred your audience to your Facebook page.

Actions on Page – What do people do on my Facebook page?

Interact with it, at least we hope. Actions on page allow you to view what actions are being taken on your page such as:

  • Get directions
  • Phone number clicks
  • Website clicks

This section also allows you to segment out this data by age and gender, country, city, and device.

Posts – When should I post on my Facebook Page?

Posts allow you to see when your audience is on Facebook so you can analyze the best time to post your content to get the most engagement. You are also able to view the success of historic posts based off of post type (photo, link, etc) and view all historic posts and how successful they were.

Events – How successful was my last Facebook Event?

Events allow you to analyze the performance of past Facebook events hosted by your page. You are able to view the total number of people the event reached and how many people viewed the page. You are also able to view how many people responded, their actions, and demographics about your attendees.

Videos – Are people actually watching the videos we post?

Videos allow you to see the number of times your Page’s videos were viewed for 3  or 10 seconds or more by either paid or organic channels.

People – Who is my audience on Facebook?

40% of this, 20% of that. People is where you go to find out demographic information such as age, gender, country, city, and language of not only your fans but also people who your posts have reached and people who have engaged with your content. This allows you to analyze who is most likely to engage with your content, see your content, or like your page.

Facebook Audience Insights 101

Facebook Audience Insights is accessible through Facebook Ads Manager and provides your business access to a huge amount of demographic and behavioral data for your audience and your competitors. Also, it is free to use.

The purpose of Facebook Audience Insights is so businesses can more effectively target their ads to their audience. However, as with a lot of tools, it can be used in other ways. Using data from Facebook Audience Insights can allow you to create stronger audience personas, create more compelling content, and uncover key information about your competitors.

Audience Insights collects their data from two main sources:

  • Self-reported Facebook data (information given by users)
  • Third-party data partners (external companies that match data to Facebook user IDs – US only)

You can access Audience Insights by first clicking “Ads Manager” to the left of your news feed or when viewing your page, clicking on the “Promote” dropdown and selecting “Ads Manager”.

Once you are in Ads Manager, click on “Tools” in the main navigation and select “Audience Insights”.

Using Audience Insights

When you first open Audience Insights you are prompted to select your audience, once you select your audience you can choose to not show this message again if needed.



If you select “Everyone on Facebook” you are selecting an overview of the whole Facebook. By default, this is only going to show U.S., but this can be changed later. Selecting this option will help you understand data based on your competitors or broad interests.

Selecting “People Connected to Your Page” will allow you to select one of the business pages that you manage and allows you to understand your existing audience.

Segmenting Your Audience

facebookfacebookFor this example, let’s look at “Everyone on Facebook”. After selecting, your audience you are able to view data or segment your audience further:


  • Location
  • Age & Gender
  • Interest
  • Connections
  • Pages
  • Advanced
    • Behaviors
    • Relationship Status
    • Education
    • Work
    • Financial
    • Home
    • Market Segments
    • Parents
    • Politics (US)
    • Life Events
    • More

It is important to note that when filtering by groups or specific pages, some may not appear usually because of the size of the page but a definitive logic isn’t known at this time.

You are also able to get very specific with this data, for example, you can look only at females who own like to buy from Macy’s and don’t like Walmart. Or you can look at the audience of your competitor’s page and identify the top job titles or industry that they are likely to work in to help build your audience persona.

Exploring your Data

Once you have created your audience, start exploring your data. You are able to view the data by 6 different aspects:

  • Demographics – View age, gender, location, lifestyle, relationship status, education level, and job title
  • Page Likes – View top categories of pages liked and top pages like
  • Location – View top cities, countries, and languages
  • Activity – View how active this audience is and what device they are on
  • Household – View average household income, ownership, size, and market value along with spending methods
  • Purchase – View retail spending averages, online purchase, and purchase behavior

In Conclusion

The Facebook Audience Insights tools provide access to highly valuable audience data, allowing you to learn more about your audience and that of your competitors. Using this data you will be able to target your ads more effectively and build target personas for content marketing ideas. What else have you used Facebook Audience Insights for? Share your thoughts or questions with us on Twitter – @unifusion.