How Your Team Can Use Marketing Data

How Your Team Can Use Marketing Data
July 25, 2016 Joe Vernon

And how Unifusion Delivers.

The days of gut-based marketing are over. Why? Because of data. Data is in abundance and marketers would be foolish not to take advantage of it. And while data may not be your strong suite, it is no secret. Executives know that there is plenty of data to influence marketing efforts and enable your team to execute a campaign with precision and optimization.

This is why marketing data is important, in equips your team with the information needed to be innovative and execute a campaign with precision and optimization. Here are a couple examples of ways your team could use marketing data.

Be Effective. Be Targeted.

Let’s pretend the work week is forty hours which is enough time to be effective, right? Yes, but only if you understand how you are effective and how you are not. Let me explain.

Social media channels are popping up like weeds. Each with their own value propositions and a chance to reach an audience. Let’s say your business decided to be on six of them. That is at least six hours a week scheduling, posting, and engaging.

Then, the time you spent creating a piece of content for each channel. Let’s say your team is super effective at creating content and spends on average 5 hours per piece to create that content (though I’m betting that there is more time spent researching, writing, editing, creating visuals, etc). That makes managing these six social channels take up 36 hours a week.

That’s not bad when you look at the monthly reports, social media is making up 50% of your traffic and 50% of your conversions or sales. Seems like a pretty sweet deal and that you should continue with this strategy, right?

Well, look closer, you know social media is effective but which channels of the six are the most effective? After segmenting data, you see that only four of the six channels are valuable and you can use the data to show that you are investing more time than you should in these channels and should stop.

This allows your team to focus on the four channels that generate the most results, optimizing their performance and increasing traffic and conversions document collaboration tools.

Demonstrate ROI

Your team just launched a new campaign introducing your product to a new market. To do this, your team created a hub or gateway on your current site that consist of five pages that explain your product, benefits, answer questions, and tells user stories. Your team wants to drive more users to the site and generate more conversions for this product. With marketing data, you can demonstrate your ROI.

By keeping track of the hours your team spends creating marketing pages and the money you spends marketing them then tying them to the results from the campaign, your team is able to demonstrate ROI. An easy way to report this is using Unifusion’s work report and content clusters allowing your team to report the work and results for that specific set of pages with content clusters.

Keeping Informed

Marketing campaigns can’t be launched and left. They need nurturing and ongoing efforts to see continued growth. With marketing data, your team can see which content is performing well on which channel for continued focus. Better yet, you can see which content or channel isn’t performing well allowing your team to improve it to generate better results.

With Unifusion’s Page Report, you are able to quickly see trending content and analyze its performance.

Optimize Your Marketing with Unifusion

Unifusion helps marketers by connecting their efforts with their results for multiple marketing campaigns. It allows teams to stay informed with up-to-date analytics for multiple channels. Learn more by signing up today.