Hello, we’re Unifusion.

Wondering how you got yourself here? Well, it was a mix of your needs and our SEO content strategy. Take a look around and see for yourself.

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Don’t let Google’s Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin and their friend, Fred, scare you

Google releases daily updates to their algorithm but that shouldn’t worry you when you work with Unifusion. Why? We keep up-to-date on the latest Google changes and share that knowledge with each of our copywriters so they can write unique, evergreen, white-hat, SEO content.

We don’t keyword stuff. We don’t stress about keyword density. We don’t mass produce poor content for “Google”. We focus on your user and writing the content that they want to read. Whether you’re a big-name brand or a fresh start-up, our team is ready to become your dedicated copywriting team. Our process is simple and requires minimal efforts from your team.

Our Process

Part 1: Discovery

We try to make our discovery meetings less like a boring Q and A session and more like a lunch with our friends, and yes sometimes there is food. Our team will work with your team to identify content gaps, determine business goals, KPIs needed to measure, and milestones we should reach.

Part 2: Content Strategy

We take all of our notes and we learned from our lunch, I mean discovery meeting and perform additional research. Our team performs additional research on your audience and keywords to determine which keywords to target that will allow us to reach, funnel, and convert your audience.


Part 3: Copywriting

Need we say more? Our team goes to their copywriting hotspots to start writing and polishing up content for your website.

Part 4: Quarterly Reviews

Meeting once isn’t enough. During the course of our engagement, we will talk frequently but we also meet each quarter to enjoy a cup of coffee, review our progress towards reaching your business goals, keywords, and KPIs to ensure we are still on track. 

SEO Copywriting FAQs

Can’t I just use the same copy from other pages?

If it were only that simple. Google doesn’t like duplicate content which is why you need to take time, research, and create unique content that can’t be found online elsewhere. Then when it is published, ensure that you’ve added your canonical tag to tell Google that you were the first website to host it.

Should I use my keyword multiple times on the page?

Keyword density was a thing for a short period of time, but Google has shifted and told webmasters many times that you are to write for your audience and audiences don’t like repetitive content with keywords everywhere. Google doesn’t either.


How many words do I need on a page?

While there isn’t a specific number that equals success, many of the top ranking pages have 1,500+ keywords. However, more words do not equal more success. This could be because more words mean the page has more value, which results in more shares and links.

How many new pages do I need a month?

There isn’t a specific number for success on Google but there might be for your audience. Yes, Google may like “fresh” content but they also like valuable content and not content being turned around in 4 days with little or no value. When determining the number of new pages you’ll need a month, think about how much content you’ll need to share with your audience on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, etc. This will help you determine the amount of content you’ll need.