Content Measurement

Trying to measure the effects and ROI of content marketing can seem elusive. There are often too many metrics (pagerank, domain authority, bounce rate, etc.) clouding the picture and diluting the story. If measuring the performance of your content is something you and your team are trying to do, we’ve put together a few resources to help get you started. Not to mention, we’ve create a platform to help as well.

content measurement and roi

The Solution

Unifusion provides a clean way to view website performance data and user-friendly tools for quick analysis and reporting equipping your team with the information they need to create content and reach an audience.

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Reporting KPIs and ROI

Unifusion allows you to measure and report your content based off of KPIs or ROI. It is up to you decide on which your client or team will prefer.

  • View content KPIs at site level, cluster level, or campaign levels
  • Use campaigns to generate an ROI for your content production
  • Use work to report the efforts your team is putting into content production
content grouping and clusters

Content Clusters and Campaigns

Filter and save your website’s data in multiple different views so your team is able to perform quick analysis on the fly.

  • Content clusters allow you to set rules to gather ongoing website data so you can identify top performing sections of your website quickly
  • Group content by types, author, blogs, locations, sections of your website and more with clusters
  • Content campaigns allow you to attach an investment to content production to identify the ROI for each group of content.
social networks

Channels Analysis

Compare page performance on different search and social networks and other marketing channels.

  • Unifusion groups multiple URLs from search and social networks into one making it simple to view all traffic from each source
  • Easily identify top performing networks and channels currently and their trend over the previous 12 months
  • Identify top pages for future content production
content traffic

Content Analytics

Increase engagement, conversions, and sales by understanding top content producers and content performers.

  • Focus on the content types, categories, and pages that are driving the most engagement month over month
  • Group content by types, author, blogs, locations, sections of your website and more with clusters
  • Monitor content production on a month-by-month basis ensuring that your team is continuing their efforts to increase site size and grow traffic

Digital Market and Content Reporting Template

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Content Measurement Resources

Whether you’re looking to measure one group of content or need a way to measure several content campaigns and projects, you’ve come to the right place. Learn about content measurement and how to truly measure, report, and communicate the success of your content.

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