Understand your website from every angle

Your website is the hub of your content marketing efforts. But measuring the performance of your content marketing efforts on a page by page or site level isn’t efficient and informative. Clusters are efficient and informative. Clusters allow you to group page data together on your website simplifying analysis and reporting. Go ahead and create a cluster for every product, service, campaign, or author, just to name a few and start measuring the performance efficiently.

clusters and content grouping


Use simple rules to easily create clusters

Cluster similar pages to compare aggregated data identifying strengths and weaknesses while still able to drill down to individual page metrics for page specific analysis.

content grouping and clusters

Easily identify trends and top performers

View content by search networks to identify top and poor performers, then create campaigns to increase KPIs and revenue.

clusters for search networks

Additional Features

Everything you need from an analytics software.

PDF Exports

Download pre-built reports of your data to share with your clients or team.

User Roles

Set up user roles for your team or clients to edit and interact, or simply view the live dashboard.

Historical Data

Data is stored and archived within Unifusion, so you will never lose it again.

Projects Screen

Have multiple projects or clients? View their performance on a single screen.

Data Sources

COMING SOON – Multiple data sources to get the complete picture of marketing efforts.


COMING SOON -Add your branding to the dashboard and reports.

With every Unifusion project, you get access to our complete set of tools.