Simple ways to perform complex analysis

Unifusion for analysts

Tools for data segmenting and filtering

You like to look at more than just the high-level metrics. You like to dive in deeper and look at performance during different periods of time. You want new tools to customize how you are viewing your information, we hear you and we want that too. That is why we’ve included different tools to our platform that are “analyst-friendly”.

clusters and content grouping

Content Clusters

Content clusters allow you to create and save clusters of content based on how you view the website. For example, cluster by services, products, or blogs. You’re also able to cluster by title tags, h1, keywords, HTTP status codes, and more for further technical site analysis. 

Network Performance

Quickly view segmented marketing data by search, social, or paid networks such as Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Analyze each networks individual contribution to your site for deeper insights and future reporting.

Keyword Insights

Want to know how your audience is searching presently and historically? Want to find out where your site is ranking on Google? Connect Unifusion to Search Rankings to view and save your ranking data for future analysis and reporting.