KPI and ROI reporting for your website or content driven campaigns

Unifusion for brands

Measure and report ROI for content campaign

Marketing starts with content. Content that is created to educate users on a product or service, guide them through each stage of the buying cycle, and ultimately convert users to leads. Unifusion provides an effective way of measuring content. By translating marketing KPIs into metrics that matter; cost, revenue, and ROI.

campaign marketing roi

Clusters & Campaigns

Clusters and campaigns allow you to create and save clusters of content based on how you view your website. For example, create a cluster by services, products, or blogs. If you want to measure ROI, turn your cluster into a campaign to see the cost for marketing, revenue generated, and ultimately an ROI.

Easy-to-use Reporting

Marketing isn’t boring, and its data isn’t either. View marketing performance and website KPIs in simple pre-built dashboards and reports keeping your team excited about the work and the results.

Performance Reports

Unifusion allows you to stay up-to-date on how your marketing budget is being spent, where the efforts are being allocated. Most importantly, it allows you to perform a quick analysis on marketing efforts and if they are generating the marketing results you want.