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Unifusion for marketers

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Trying to measure the effects and ROI of marketing can seem elusive. There are often too many metrics (PageRank, domain authority, bounce rate, etc.) clouding the picture and diluting the story.  Unifusion tells the story that needs to be told without overcomplicating it, providing a way to translate marketing KPIs into a language understood by all, money.

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Project Dashboards

Unifusion allows you to keep all of your client’s project data in one place saving you time when reviewing and reporting results. No more having to store login credentials and switching accounts.

Performance Dashboards

Marketing isn’t boring, and its data isn’t either. View marketing performance and website KPIs in simple pre-built dashboards keeping your team excited about the work and the results.

Measure and Report ROI

Need to show the true value of your marketing efforts? KPIs can tell part of the story but not the complete story. Use campaigns to measure content and report an ROI for your content-driven campaigns.