Getting Started with Unifusion is fast and easy

In 3 quick and easy steps, you and your team can be measuring and reporting performance data with almost no effort at all.


Step one

Create Your Free Account

All features are free during your trial.
No credit card required.

Step two

Create your project

Import your data from Google Analytics into prebuilt dashboards requiring no knowledge of code at all.

Have multiple projects? No worries, your account allows you to switch between projects and even analyze multiple projects on the same screen.

Step three

Invite your team

Invite your team to join your account for access to all projects, or invite them only to the project they need.

Have a lot of team members? No worries, Unifusion doesn’t charge per team member so add as many or as little as you would like.

Ready to go

Measure, Analyze, and Report

After your project is created, you are free to measure, analyze, and report as you wish with all features free during your 30-day trial.

Take advantage of your free trial period and enable all features like clusters and campaigns.

Have questions? Or are you ready to get started?