Online reporting to boost client and agency communication

Online Reporting Software

site reporting for clients

Online Reporting Software

Unifusion is an online reporting software for agencies and internal marketing teams built by an agency. We understand that each client engagement is different and therefore one dashboard can’t support them all.

We understand that agencies need a online reporting solution that complements the relationship between client and agency, not reshape it.

We’ve provided a better way to look at marketing data. Content Clusters are a way for your team to create groups of similar pages based on keywords, site section, author, date created, and more.

Manage All Projects from One Platform

Simple reports leaving a lasting impression

Our simple reports communicate the message that needs to be heard by your clients, without overwhelming them with too much information.

Agency and Client User Roles

Set up user accounts for your team to analyze and report and for your clients allowing them to long in at anytime to see the latest status update.

Scalable Client Management

Set up separate, secure environments for each client project and create more as you win new accounts and projects.