Unifusion Pricing

Here are a few package ideas to get you started. If these don’t fit your needs, contact us for a custom monthly package.


Content Production Services




4 blogs a month


4 blogs a month
1 article a month


4 blogs a month
1 article a month
1 gateway a quarter

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase strategy alone?

We recommend that if you purchase strategy that you work with Unifusion for the ongoing content production service to ensure that the strategy is executed as planned.

Am I committed to a contract?

If you subscribe to the Unifusion Dashboard alone, you are not committed to a contract. You can suspend or cancel your projects at any time with no penalty.

For content production services, we generally work with our clients on 12 month contracts.

What do you define as a blog, article, or gateway?

A blog is a piece of content that is at least 300-500 words and that are based on current news, events, or techniques. These can be factual but also be based on professional opinions on topics.

An article is a piece of content that is based on research and facts. These contain at least 1,000 words in length.

Gateways consist of four pages that include a landing page and three supporting pages around 500 words each. These are targeted pages that are meant to generate website traffic and conversions.