Measure your agency with ROI and not KPIs. Time, 2-3 minutes.

Measure your digital marketing agency 

Step 1: Create a campaign

Start by clicking on “new campaign” on the all campaigns screen. To complete this, assuming that your project has already been created in Unifusion, you will need to know the URLs of the pages that your agency will be creating, the amount you are paying the agency, and the value of your web leads. The time needed to build the campaign will vary depending on the number of pages. A campaign of 300 pages can take about 1 minute. But the good thing is, this is automated so you don’t have to wait.

Use the page path rule or manual rule to include the pages that your agency will be creating.

creating content campaign

Step 2: Monitor performance

Once the campaign is built, you will start to see the number of pages in your campaign increase as the pages go live on your website. With this, traffic will start to increase and you can find insights into traffic performance by clicking on a traffic widget or navigating to the “traffic” section in your campaign.

As users start to convert, you will see conversion values increase and revenue and ROI will start to be calculated.

monitoring campaign performance

Step 3: Measure ROI

On the ROI screen, you will be able to view how your revenue has grown over time in relation to when the work was completed. This will allow you to see when your ROI reaches 100%, 200%, 500% or more.

If the pages you have created continue to live on your website and generate users, your revenue and ROI should only continue to improve.

measuring content roi