Reporting your client’s website analytics and performance. Time, 2 minutes.

Reporting Website Analytics and Performance

Step 1: Add your client to Unifusion

Start by clicking on “new project” on the projects screen. To complete this step you will need your Google Analytics account and two minutes of your time. The time needed to build the project in Unifusion will vary depending on the size of the website. A site of 300 pages can take about 1 minute. But the good thing is, this is automated and you will receive an alert when the project is completed, so you don’t have to wait.

adding client to unifusion

Step 2: Send your client an invite to the project

Now that this is completed, your client will get an email informing them that they were invited to their project. Once they click the link, they will set their password and be able to view their project in Unifusion any time they would like.

inviting users to unifusion