Create a cluster to monitor status code errors. Time, 2-3 minutes.

Track 400, 500, and other status error codes

Step 1: Create a cluster

Start by clicking on “new cluster” on the all clusters screen. The time needed to build the cluster will vary depending on the number of pages. A cluster of 300 pages can take about 1 minute. But the good thing is, this is automated so you don’t have to wait.

Use the Http Status rule to include whichever status code you wish.

creating clusters

Step 2: Monitor results

Whenever you see a spike, review the clusters and see what happened and why. The implication of a status code error varies depending on what code you are monitoring. For reference, here is an overview of what the codes mean.

  • 1XX – informational
  • 2XX – success
  • 3XX – redirection
  • 4XX – client error
  • 5XX – server error
monitoring campaign performance