What is a Client and a Project?

A client is the name of the company you are setting up within Unifusion. A client can have multiple projects and project managers. However, a project cannot be associated with multiple accounts. A client may need multiple accounts if they have multiple websites, apps, and/or campaigns.

User Roles

There are two types of users within Unifusion, Account Users and Client Users, both of which are able to have multiple accounts.

An Account User is the owner of the account and is able to view and adjust settings depending on permission levels (i.e. View/Edit).

To add a new account users, select: Account User +

Client Users are the end-users of Unifusion who only have the access to view the information provided. They have no access to settings and are not able to change the way the data is inputed. They still have the ability to report a problem through the support messenger and can email the project manager, as needed.