Top Utility Bar

Located at the top of every screen in Unifusion, is the utility bar. This allows you to access your projects, account settings, and view other notifications.

  1. Hamburger (Mobile) menu – Houses your profile information, projects, and account settings if you are an account admin
  2. 4-square icon – Takes you to your projects screen where you are able to see all projects at once
  3. Question mark – Takes you to the support section on

Report Navigation

Located on the left side of Unifusion, the report navigation menu gives you access to the four main features of Unifusion:

  1. Overview: A summary of each top-level feature on Unifusion allowing you to quickly view and evaluate hours worked, entrances, conversions and cluster/page performance.
  2. Work: View a monthly report that breaks the hours into specific, predetermined categories—allowing you to evaluate tasks based on hour/category priority.
  3. Site: Evaluate website performance through various widgets tracking metrics, such as: users, conversions, traffic channels, device type, user type, location, top sources, and more. Learn more about the Monthly Site Report.
  4. Cluster: Content Clusters allow you to create, edit, and evaluate groups of content to gain a customized view of your website and track grouped content via a variety of metrics, such as: users, conversions, entrances, traffic channels, device type, user type, location, top sources, and more (i.e. tracking entrances to all your blogs in 2014, tracking conversions on all service-based pages) Learn more about Content Clusters.
  5. Pages: View and evaluate how individual pages are performing throughout your website through customized content ranking and page list filters and views. Learn more about Monthly Pages Report.
  6. Reports: The ability to export analytic overview reports to share with your boss, team, or clients.

Admin Settings/Sign Out

Admin Settings and Sign Out provide users with the ability to change account settings, create a new project, and manage the application if you are admin users. If you are a client user, you will have the ability to customize your profile and sign out.

Support Message

Located in the lower-right of every page is the support message app. This allows users, both client and account, the ability to report bugs, problems, or suggestions to our developers so we are able to quickly address any issues.