Note: Ensure you have already linked your Google Analytics account to Unifusion and added the account, profile view.

Adding Conversions/Goals to Unifusion:

  1. Click on the settings icon in the left navigation
  2. Click on “Google Analytics” in the top navigation
  3. Scroll down to Goals
  4. Find a Goal you’d like to activate and select the pencil icon on the right side of the field
  5. Select the Conversion Category
    1. Macro – The high-level, important goals
    2. Micro – The bite-sized goals that work toward a larger objective
  6. Select the Conversion Type
    1. Form Completion
    2. Phone Call
    3. Order Completion
    4. Chat
    5. Subscribe
    6. Download
    7. Social Like
    8. Interactive Engagement (Video View)
  7. Once you’ve set the conversion category and type, click the check mark on the right side of the field (formerly the pencil icon).

If you are not seeing any goals, make sure Google Analytics has been added and the right view has been selected. Learn how to setup Google Analytics here.

setting up goals