If you’ve installed tracking code on your site and data isn’t appearing within Unifusion, double-check these common issues:

  1. Extra Whitespace or Characters
    Be sure to copy the tracking code snippet directly from analytics and paste it within the <head> of your website using a simple text editor. If you must send the snippet to a web developer, be sure to never copy/paste and send via a word processor (.doc, .docx, etc.) as these file formats often generate extra, hidden characters that break the code.
  2. Customization Errors
    If the tracking code snippet has been customized in anyway such as adding age and gender or enabling enhanced link attribution, be sure that no added characters or capital characters were included because function names are case sensitive.
  3. Incorrect Filter Settings
    When setting up Google Analytics be sure to create three views. The first view should include no filters. The second view is for testing filters. The third view is for all reporting and should include all proven filters.
  4. Multiple Tracking Codes
    The classic Google Analytics javascript library doesn’t support multiple tracking codes. If there are multiple tracking codes on a site be sure they use a supported configuration or remove unnecessary tracking codes.
  5. Other Scripts
    If you’re running other scripts on your page, ensure you’re not using any variables that Google Analytics uses.
  6. Incorrect Tracking Code
    Tracking multiple websites can cause some confusion, be sure that the tracking code snippet was copied from the right account and added to the <head> of the website.

To learn more about common Google Analytics setup errors, view the Google Support documentation.