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The Work tool allows you to enter hours or investments made towards content production ultimately leading to you attributing the success of those pages to your teams efforts.

All Work

The Work dashboard allows you to view all the work that has been entered over time, which campaigns are getting the most focus, and view details for each task.

This also allows you to enter a update on marketing efforts and what results you are seeing.

From this screen you are able to add new jobs to either the site or specifc campaigns.

all work

Campaign Work

To view campaign specific work, you can either view it as part of all work on the Work dashboard or you can use the Campaign tool to view filtered work specific to that campaign.

You are able to add work to a campaign in both places as well. If you are adding it from the Work dashboard, you must activate the campaigns drop down field by clicking the “campaigns” button on the right of the job window.

To disconnect the work from a campaign, click on the button again and it will remove it.

campaign work

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